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Online Radio/ Livestreams/ Mixcloud Playlists

Where I’ve not listed any track, they’d played ‘Atoms’;

"The lights go out, and I go home

YouTube, Facebook and others:

The net is full of individual playlists/ mixtapes from band fans or goth indie fans in general, in fact, I’ve only mentioned a few above. Also there’s the online radio sites that probably hold the whole music archive ready for you with a simple click.

Here is an ‘old’ sample Google search page to give you a flavour of it all. It’s good that people still remember and like Party Day. I have noticed the ‘branding’ ‘old-school’ - which to my mind means ‘originals’!  Which I like to think they were of course.

To quote a very old song title - ‘the band who wouldn’t die . . .’


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