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Party Day: 2018-2020 News

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"Walking to the shadows"

The noise continues about Party Day; A copy of the Real Time 5 cassette inner sleeve surfaced. Many thanks to Falco Sangmeister for sending this to me.  

Papa Universe’s site and the Unknown Post-Punk#2, with the band’s LP Glasshouse added at No.26. Interesting review. (June 2018)

July 2019 saw a new publication from Richard Rouska (of Records and magazine fame) with his fantastically detailed book on the Leeds scene, It Ain’t Peters and Lee: How Leeds (nearly) took over the world… through the power of Shock ‘n’ Roll. This book covers the period from 1977 - 87, and brings a whole new meaning to indepth. A labour of love or exorcism - you decide.

This book will become the ultimate resource guide of all things Leeds and Yorkshire. Party Day are included in the book, in the guise of a gigging band, well profiled on the Leeds scene, and finally as part of the Rouska Records Roster.

Andy Darlington's ‘Eight Miles High’ Blogspot reprints two interviews he did with the band: 'People Who Live in Glasshouses' (around the time of the first album) and 'The Party Line' (Zigzag Vol. 1 No.9 [1984]). (March 20)

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