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"Now you look at the fly, it’s famous"
Photo Gallery

No.1: Selection

Between 1981 and 1984, I was able to photo the band on a number of occasions, most notable for the press release images for both ‘Row the Boat Ashore’ and ‘The Spider’.

Ironically as I was always on the mixing desk at gigs, I was never able to photograph them live.

Here are a few photos from the early days as a four piece, when Greg Firth was an integral member of the band to right up to the time of the ‘Athena’ release.

Party Day logo

No.2: PD at Woodlands Studios, Normanton

November 1982: The band were showing promise and originality. Three new songs to record for a proposed demo tape.They were;

Lookout for the photo booth shot (which was one of three done at the time) these were for some fanzine interviews in the summer of 1984 - and were fun to do.

1985 Photos onwards are from various sources.